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Thank you for visiting our past puppy page!!


We feel that the families of our past puppies reflect the kind of experience we would like to present to you as you move forward into the process with us.

We have added several testimonies and also many pictures for you to see the babies that have left our home. Each one of these has memories with our family and we have loved each one individually.  There are many more stories that you can see in our Facebook Group, Puppy Fever.  Click HERE

We care deeply about each puppy and they leave here with some kind of funny story or nickname that we have given them while they were here. We gave each puppy around the clock care while they were newborns and watched each one take its first breath. We are richly blessed to see them in loving homes with families who are just as crazy about them as we are!!


Thanks for your interest in a Schlichter Puppy, We can't wait to create with you, your own family experience!


Duke & Princess

From John Scruggs . . .

Schlichter's went above and beyond our expectations for breeders. They breed high class, color pure, and intelligent Great Danes. We love and treat our Danes, Duke, and Princess as if they were our children. They are very friendly, have great personalities, easy to potty train, & were easy to train to sit, shake with both hands, and lie down. I have a friend that has a 5-month-old Dane and hers can not even shake. Princess has been trained since 10 weeks old. We will never buy a Great Dane from anyone else. If you have any questions about Great Danes or the breed Amy will def help you out. We love our Danes and think they are the best Great Dane breeders ever.




From Mandy . . .

Sorry it took so long to report on Ginger. At her last appointment about a month ago she weighed 53 lbs but according to my husband by lifting up my Golden Retriever, Daisy, then lifting up Ginger then lifting Daisy again then Ginger.....he says they weigh about the same and we know Daisy weighs about 70 lbs. She is doing so well with our family and is going on her first camping trip tomorrow night. She is going to love it. She already has more friends than I do, a Maltese, two English Bull dogs, another Great Dane, a Rat Terrier, two Black Labs, one Chocolate Lab and of course her best friend Daisy our Golden. She is also very fond of our two cats. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. We have recently got rid of our area rug up stairs. She was not pleased with the hard floors but her being the smart cookie that she is has found an alternative rug as pictured Hope you have a great day and enjoy the update.



From Jennifer . . .

How are you guys doing? I check your pictures every so often to see if you still have some puppies left, and I see you do! I bet they are so much fun right now...funny to watch too! We sure do love our "little" Leo! He is SUCH a good puppy! We couldn't be happier with him. He is already doing some pretty cool tricks and listens very well. I posted some pictures of him on MySpace, be sure to check them out. At his last weight check (2 weeks ago) he was at 58 lbs...he's growing like a weed! He's such a sweet boy, we all adore him to pieces.



From Carol . . .

Just wanted to send a little update on our "little" Tally. She is of course the joy of our lives and completely spoiled. At six months, she is 25" at the shoulder and 60 lbs. Tally knows all kinds of tricks such as: sit, down, shake, sit pretty, wait, and stay. Her favorite game is to play fetch with anything that squeaks! She's growing like a healthy weed. She is totally in love with the snow! We have a 30ft. lead that we take her out on so she can run and play in it. It's so funny because as tall as she is, she still has to jump to get through the snow it's so deep. Here is a picture of her.  Thanks so much for our little girl.










Just thought you might enjoy seeing a few more pictures of Diesel. He's growing so fast!! He's just absolutely adorable. We love him very much! He follows our daughter around wherever she goes. We get compliments on him everywhere we take him. Everyone thinks he's such a beautiful dog. He's doing very well and is training so easily. Thank you so much, again, for bringing this big bundle of joy into our lives!


From Connie . . .

Hi - sorry it took me so long to get a picture to you. We met your husband in Plymouth to pick up our puppy. He was born in August 2009. We named him Apache. He weighs in at only 47 lbs but has monster paws. He has had 2 weeks of 1 on 1 training. We are starting a class with other pups Thursday. He was housebroken in one day. He is smart, thinks he's a lap dog, and keeps us on our toes but we love him. He wears a cowbell so I always know where he is in the house. Come Spring or Summer we would like to get a 2nd that looks like him.

Thanks so much for our family member.










From Tamara . . .

Sorry we missed you when we picked up Maddy. She is awesome. She has become best friends with our smaller dog Layla. They play non stop. Here is a pic of her at 10 weeks. She is so much bigger now.








From The Jedynak

He fits in awesome! He loves to snuggle with all the dogs & the kids! He was even playing with my sisters rabbits & torts! I will continue to send pictures! We can't thank you enough for our new edition!









From Jessica . . .

I just wanted to send you some pictures of Zanna, one of your pups from last year in May. She is great, we love her so much and we don't know what we would do without her. She is very playful, loves to run, loves going swimming, and also is a very good lil hunter. We moved to Wawa, Ontario, last year in September and she has a lot of doggie friends here, and all our neighbors love her.








From Brandy . . .

Otto is doing great, he is sleeping right now but is doing wonderful. He has really taken a liking to Autumn my daughter that you met this morning. She has been by his side all day, even when he is napping. We can not thank you and your husband enough, we are in love with our new addition to the family!!!









Doizer and Sasha

From Kristen . . .

Here is a pictue of Doizer and Sasha. Both we got from you!!! They are doing great!!! Dozier is almost 8 months old and is 110 lbs. He just finished obedience class and was the class clown!!! He has the best personality. Sasha is coming into her own. She is almost 6 months old and is 70 pounds. She is so sweet and very loving!! I want to thank you for such high quality dogs and we will have to let you see them some soon.


From Patricia . . .

Happy Holidays!! Sorry it has taken me so long to send a picture of Bleue. We are so in love with him and cannot begin to tell you the joy that he brings to us. I am working on my husband to get a harlequin, but haven't convinced him that dog #3 is a good idea, but I will keep trying. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy new year!!










From Cindy & Katherine

I thought I would update you on the dogs. Everyone is great and they are a wonderful addition to our family. Riley thinks she is Sophie's mother, so it is quite entertaining. I am sending a photo taken at Riley 1 year and Sophie 5 months. Thanks again. 








From Doug & Melinda

Could he be any cuter??!! We are having a blast! I just can't believe how he fits in with the gang! We love the pictures you sent. thanks a million for sending them along. I can't believe how little he looks in some of them! Our family is complete now!








From Techia . . .

Sampson is getting HUGE. He's up to almost 80 lbs. He looks a lot like his dad.... droopy jaws and all. I can't even lift him in the tub anymore. He loves chasing the kids and playing with his toys. If I leave my car door open, he hops right in expecting to go for a ride. He likes to sit in the front, but he's too big for the seat.

We went back to Art in Motion to show Andy the great dane that was there. Her legs were bowed really bad and the owner was coming to get her to take her home. I felt so bad for her. She could hardly stand up. It really made me appreciate how lucky we were to find a healthy pup that had been well taken care of.



From Melanie . . .

I just wanted to ask you if the puppy was crate trained? I meant to ask this yesterday, but forgot. Anyway, we were just wondering because of how well he is doing. We are so impressed the more we get to know him. He just is so playful, but so laid back at the same time. We are so happy with our new little boy. Thanks again so much for everything! He's doing perfect and it was a pleasure to meet you both. Robert and I are talking about sometime in the near future taking a short road trip to come and visit you all...only if it works with you. We would love for Dylan to see his family again, and for our girls to meet your kids too.








From Chanda . . .

I wanted to give you an update on Millie, aka "Millie the Moose". She just turned a year old last month and has grown into an amazing dog. I have attached a couple of recent pictures of her for you. She is loved everywhere she goes by everyone she meets. She is so great with our kids and has had a couple of visits to a retirement community. She has never met another dog she doesn't love. In a couple of weeks, she is going to be the "mascot" at a campaign activity for a friend of mine who is running for judge. She is such a blessing to us and we can't thank you enough for our special girl. We have totally fallen in love with Danes now and I'm sure we'll be visiting you for our next Dane. We hope you are doing well. Blessings to your human and animal family.








From Missi & Ross Newman

We bought a female from you almost 2 yrs ago, I wanted to send you some pics and let you know how much we love her. She is a great dog. You got her back from a stud service you did. We are also looking for a stud for her. We have found a black male that carries blue. He is a champion at Jerdans. We will probably breed her to him unless you know of a better one that would suit her.

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