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We get lots of questions about our pets and our program.  Below are some commonly asked questions to help you along in the process.

If you still have questions you can email us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions puppy buyers ask us. We love to hear from all of you, but before contacting us check to see if we’ve already answered your question here.

Do you deliver puppies?

Yes! We love the fact that anyone can get one of our puppies for their family, regardless of where they live. However, logistics can sometimes be a deterrent to people. So we keep it simple!​


We will drive up to an hour for free to meet families.  Any travel time after that is $25/hour roundtrip plus actual gas prices.  For example, if we meet two hours away from our home the charge would be $0 for the first hour and back, $25/hr x 2 for the second hour there and back.  Add an additional gas fee and the final amount would be approx $50/drive and $20 for gas, equaling approx. $70 to drive 2 hours and back to meet.


If you have any questions about our puppy transportation policy, contact us here.

What does your health guarantee actually guarantee?

Our Health Guarantee covers anything genetically, read more about it here!

What should I expect with my first puppy?

We have a whole blog post about that. Check it out!

How does reserving a puppy work?

Once we have a planned breeding, we allow families to place deposits.  All deposits are non-refundable.

All families that have deposits in on the new litter will be contacted first.  We allow families to choose then which puppy they desire.  It does not go in order to when the deposit was received, but rather which family responds back first after the litter announcement goes out.  If there is not enough puppies for each family, they will be placed on the list for the next litter.

Do you dock tail?

We currently dock the tails of our OES.  We do not dock tails on Great Danes or Doodles.

Do you offer extended training?

We do not at this time but naturally they will learn great habits from their parents while they are with us.  This includes a good start on potty training, using a doggy door, socialization skills, and possibly some crate training.

Do you hold puppies past go home date?

We understand most families work during the week so if the go home date lands during the week we will hold until the weekend after that we charge $25/day if go home date lands on a weekend we hold for 3 days and after that it’s $25/day.

Will I need to groom my puppy?

Yes, there is a range of grooming for each breed. Doodles and OES have two coats and it is very important to make sure the undercoat is brushed to avoid matting which can result in your puppy having to be shaved down.  Great Danes obviously don't require the same amount of care but a good bathing routine is good to have in place.

What kind of food will my puppy be eating?

We feed Diamond dog food.  We will have a gallon bag of current food and feeding instructions with us on day of pick up/delivery.

Will my puppy be on hard or soft food?

When we start weaning the puppies from their mom we mix the food with a warm homemade formula for about a week. After that, they are eating hard kibble.  We do not feed puppy formula as the protein content tends to be higher.  Protein should stay under 26% for large breed dogs for at least the first two years to limit faster growth, which can be hard on joints.

What will be in my puppies go home bag?

Every puppy that leaves here has a “go home bag”. Here is a list of items that are included:

  • Vaccination and worming schedule for your vet 

  • Registration paperwork

  • Gallon bag of current food

  • Litter blanket and toy

  • Contract and 2 yr health guarantee

  • Feeding instructions


What vaccinations will my puppy have?

Your puppy will be given their 6 week vaccine with u

We ask that you call your vet as soon as you have an approx. pickup/delivery scheduled so that your puppy can be given their next vaccine shortly after they go home.


Will my puppy be wormed?

Yes, each puppy is wormed on a strict schedule starting at 2 weeks of age.


Do you allow visits?

We allow families to come to our home and see where the adults are raised on puppy pick up day but we do not allow visits prior. The risk these visits can be to puppies in our nursery that aren’t old enough to be vaccinated and even those that have started their vaccinations is way too high. Families could unknowingly bring something in and protecting our puppies' health is our top priority.


When can we expect puppy pictures?

We do group pictures at birth and individual pictures at 3, 5, and 7 weeks. We understand that families like to see their pups grow but we simply can not snap pictures of puppies on request; our time needs to be spent with carrying for the everyday needs and health of babies.


Are deposits refundable?

All deposits made toward the purchase of a puppy are non-refundable, we do allow families to transfer their deposit to another litter once before requiring them to select or forfeit their deposit.  


Do you allow breeding rights?

Yes, only to approved homes and for an additional fee.  This must be stated as an interest when first contacting us.


Do you have require a Spay/Neuter Contract?

All of our puppies are sold as pets only unless otherwise agreed upon, we require families to sign a contract.  You can see that HERE. 


Do you offer stud service?

We have three studs available for service.  You can learn more about them HERE.

Do you have other questions??  If so, please contact us via email or by phone.  

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