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"I've always wanted a Dane."

Back when I was young, I loved our family dogs.  They were a daily part of growing up, saturating millions of events of my life.  They meant the world to me and I know your pets do as well!

I've always wanted a Dane and in the early 2000's we decided to bring home Lucy.  She and Mr. Hooper Chaney was the heart of Schlichter Danes for many years, giving gorgeous puppies to families all over the world.

We since have raised several breeds including Old English Sheepdogs, and Doodles.  We absolutely love sharing the anticipation that new families feel when bringing a baby home and we adore placing healthy happy puppies into wonderful homes.

We take great care and pride into our programs, caring about all elements of what we do to the highest degree.

Putting families together is what we do best!

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We are a small hobby farm located in Indiana that specializes in raising, breeding, and loving canines.

Schlichter Danes started in 2006 and over the years we have attained a wealth of experience and information on several breeds. We are thrilled to see each new life and even more excited to see new families being formed.

Our puppies and adults are provided excellent veterinary care and we remain updated on all vaccines and individual care. We offer a 2-year health guarantee on anything genetically life-threatening.

We are certain that there are good & bad breeders of any animal and we certainly want to earn the respect and recognition as a reputable caregiver for our pets. We truly care about the entire lifetime of each new puppy and offer support to any new family for as long as they live. Check out our Facebook Page to see more about us.

Check out our "Puppy Fever" group on Facebook to see new and updated pictures of past and current puppies that are available.

Please explore this site to learn more about us. Call or e-mail us for more information on current litters or to be placed on a contact list when our new litters arrive.

Thanks for visiting and good luck on your quest to find your new puppy!

Want to know more?

Go here to see some commonly asked questions.

Be sure to check us out on Facebook

Due to respect for our faith and family time, we have decided to no longer take calls or visits on Sunday...thanks in advance for understanding.


Being socialized as a puppy is a huge priority for new owners.  We give you a head start on this by raising our puppies alongside our family.  With five children and many grandchildren, our puppies have ample time to play and grow in a home environment.

When born, our puppies get round the clock care.  Everything stops here and is focused on them.  Our entire household chips in and we make sure that our babies get what they need to have a strong start.

Babies are fed mother's milk until they begin to wean.  We then produce a formula that is equal in nutritional components in order to give them just what they need in this vital time of growth.

Parents are on-site and have been raised by us as well.  All of them mean a great deal to us and we hope you will enjoy working alongside us as you embark on bringing your newest addition home.

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